Melanie Herren Ministries

Reaping the harvest through clarity for whomever seeks the absolute and whole truth of God's Word in a time where false indoctrination is causing the world confusion. 

I believe the Word of God is the only foundation on which to build the Church. The only way for our nation, and our world, to be prepared for these final days is to return to that foundation. As a soul-winner, I have a full responsibility to God to refrain from sugar-coating the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you are looking for "friendly", watered-down doctrine, you have come to the wrong place; however, I am greatly honored for your visit to see who I am, and what I am all about. If you are seeking out sound, Biblical doctrine, please proceed...I would be thrilled to fellowship with you and your congregation, and share all the great things of our Lord and Savior!


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Melanie travels wherever the Holy Spirit leads. If you would like to contact Melanie or invite her to speak at your church, tent revival, or evangelical services, drop your information here, or send an email, and we will contact you within twenty-four hours.

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