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Reaping the harvest through clarity for whomever seeks the absolute and whole truth of God's Word in a time where false indoctrination is causing the world confusion. 

 When Melanie was just a toddler, she became clearly in tune with the voice of our God. Making encouraging statements and providing prophetic encouragement to her parents by the age of three, her mother and father knew God had special plans for her life. 

 When Melanie was in elementary school, God called her into full time ministry, but He used the next two decades to ensure she was ready to handle the call of evangelism.

  Melanie challenges everyone she knows to do as God calls us to do..."Test my fruits against God's standards. I am nowhere near perfect, but what I know is I cannot sit still in a world with so many lost people in desperate need to know about our Lord and Savior. God calls us all to evangelize the world, and I intend to hold fast the work He has set before me."



Melanie travels wherever the Holy Spirit leads. If you would like to contact Melanie or invite her to speak at your church, tent revival, or evangelical services, drop your information here, or send an email, and we will contact you within twenty-four hours.

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