Pushing closer to God during the Pandemic

All this sudden, unexpected time we all have on our hands has been difficult for many Americans to fathom, and ultimately, most of them have no idea what to do with all of it. But what if this time was given to us so we could fulfill our itineraries that we always wanted to do, but never found any time, including more time alone with the Lord?

Of all the things you have always desired more time for, how much of that time has been spent telling God, “I simply wish I had more time to talk with you”?

“Time is what we are given the least of, but use the worst.” -William Penn

Let me first of all suggest that you take a step back and look at the situation. What have you been doing since our world wide pandemic began? Have you been sitting around moping, thinking all is lost, or have you been truly productive since all this unexpected time came upon you? Since the time is there, granted we still have families to attend, work to do at home, and children to feed. But what a great opportunity to set aside some of this unexpected time to seek the will of God, and have quiet time so we can listen to Him speaking to us.

Psalms 17:6 says I call upon you, for you will answer me, O God; incline your ear to me; hear my words. So what better time to take advantage of this promise, and set aside more time to spend seeking the Lord? Separating time to pray and meditate on God’s Word is something which must be done deliberately, lest you make any other excuse why you still cannot find the time you need to dedicate to Him, here are some ways to consider maximizing time alone with the Lord:

1. When you wake in the morning, decide firstly you are going to avoid distractions. This may include shutting off the television for the day, or turning your phone off after working hours; whatever it is, make the decision when you first roll out of the bed. 2. Choose a spot in your home or yard that is visited the least by you and your family, where you can be alone, just you and God. 3. Let your family know of your intentions for the day, so they do not feel like you are intentionally trying to shut them out of your prayer room. 4. Decide a specific time you will daily be free of obligations. Block out the same time every day, until it becomes a habit and routine.

Finally, when you get this precious time alone with our Lord, talk to Him like your best friend. Tell Him what your concerns and fears have been since the beginning of this pandemic, ask for guidance, clarification, and for safety and security of you and your loved ones.

Use this extra time at home wisely, and make that time most productive by spending as much of it as you can with God. You will never regret it, and you may even be surprised at how near you feel to Him, and how quickly you learn to head His voice!

James 4:7-8 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you...

Scripture References:

Psalm 17:6

James 4:7-8

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