Why we are not forsaking Thanksgiving to live in fear...

My family will still gather for Thanksgiving this year, here is why:

Growing up you likely heard all the stories of the Pilgrims and Indians; the child-friendly account of pilgrims sailing to an unknown territory, while making friends with the Indians, who also helped them learn how to survive in a new world.

As attractive as the story sounds when you are say...eight to ten years old, the real account of the pilgrimage to America is not revealed in our indoctrinated schools, and historians have fought to keep the reality of the account under wraps for generations!

Psalms 121:1

I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come?

The truth is, these brave men and women who traveled to America, did not come for the mere sake of social freedom, nor personal desires to bask in self absorbed discovery of the territory we now call the thirteen colonies. No, the pilgrimage began because of a much more important voyage, completely unrelated to what is now commonly taught...

The pilgrims had one common reason for sailing to America; to escape their constant religious persecution, get somewhere they can openly and freely worship their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

This is truth was their only motive for leaving their home, and risking their lives, their families, and their freedom. If these brave pilgrims had been caught fleeing for the sake of religious freedom (and some of them were), they faced severe consequences including prison sentences.

In their world of constant calamity and persecution, they persevered on the infamous ship, the Mayflower; but during this freezing time in winter, they walked day and night, during which some froze to death, caught serious illnesses including pneumonia, women sleeping on top of their children to keep them warm...and later facing shipwreck, where they had to return and start their wretched journey all over again...

All of this for one common desire...just one simple wish they all shared...they wanted more than anything to worship their Lord and Savior, free from persecution, free from fear they would have their Bibles taken from them; and one glorious day, these men, women, and children docked from the Atlantic Ocean to what we know to be Plymouth, Massachusetts...they got what they came to get: freedom to live for Christ!

It is because of this one single winter, this pertinent time in the history of our nation, that we now have the freedom (and we still have the freedom) to celebrate this precious, honorable holiday we call Thanksgiving...

Right now, things look grim, and right now it looks to many Americans like our time is short to cherish such a beautiful memorial with our families...and while this may be true, my family and I will not be the ones to forsake our what our Founding Fathers came to get so their ancestors could worship Christ without penalty; my family will not take responsibility for failing to honor our ancestry and our Lord and Savior; for it was only because of God’s great mercy and grace that we have the ability to celebrate in honor of these brave pilgrims...pilgrims with the desire to worship the Lord, more than they desired to live!

“They knew they were pilgrims, but they thought nothing on those things; but they lifted their eyes to the heavens, their grand country, and quieted their spirits.”-William Bradford

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